Flying Toys


Kids and grown ups alike can have fun with our Flying Classic Series gliders.  Our Flying Classic Series gliders are aerodynamic, lightweight for long flights, and Easy to Fly™.  Each plane has a 6.5″ wingspan, is easy to assemble and includes decals.  They’re great for prize boxes, easter baskets, party favors, and summer camps.

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  • Flying Classic Series 1
  • Flying Classic Series 2
  • Flying Classic Series 3
  • Flying Stunt Glider Series 4

Glider  Gallery

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F-16 Fighting Falcon™

Stunt Glider

Blue Angel

Stunt Glider

P-47 Thunderbolt™

Rubber Band Powered Planes

Space Shuttle

Power Launch Gliders


Jet Launchers

3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!  Jet Launchers are perfect for those looking to go the distance!  Our Trigger Launched Jet Launchers can fly up to 80 feet!

  • Thunderbird
  • Blue Angel
  • Stealth Fighter™
  • Phantom Jolly Roger
  • Top Gun Aggressor™

Jet Launcher  Gallery

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Stealth Fighter™

Jet Launcher

F-4 Phantom Camo™

Jet Launcher


Jet Launcher

Blue Angels

Jet Launcher


Air Hawks™

Our Air Hawk™ helicopters, missiles, and disks are gyro powered and require no batteries!  They are easy to use and provide hours of fun!

  • Missile Launchers
  • Super Cyclone Turbo Disc
  • Black Air Hawk™ Helicopter
  • Green Air Hawk™ Helicopter

Air Hawk™ Gallery

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Air Hawk™

Missile Launcher

Air Hawk™ Super Cyclone

Turbo Disc

Green Air Hawk™


Black Air Hawk™